About Jean-Michel Cabanis Photographe

I love the magic between the model and photographer, possible only when surrounded by a great team of fashion professionals.

To set an environment where all the artists are free to create - the model to bring forth her unique charm and personality; the stylist, hair, and makeup professionals to contribute their talents without the weight of a photographer's restriction.

It is in this collaboration that memorial images are made. It is the job of the photographer to coordinate, not dictate. Only then can the careers of all involved be advanced. That is my passion, to  make beautiful images that build the careers of the models, actors, and fashion professionals I have the privilege of working with.

Photographers shoot many things. In my early days, I hiked mountain trails lugging a 4x5 view camera and sheets of film in a 70 lb. backpack. It was during those years that I developed a fanaticism for light, often waiting hours for just the right exposure.

I now bring that experience to the studio, still a fanatic for light and the beauty it brings to the image. I shoot primarily agency rep'd models and actors for beauty and fashion, in NYC & Paris.

Contact me direct, or have your agency contact me for rates and schedule.

Tele: +1 212-203-0114

Email: jmc@jeanmichelcabanis.com